From: Eric Louviere & Dan Ramsay
Re: Making you tons of affiliate commissions (long-term too baby!)


It's Eric…

Come in a little closer, you've got to hear this…

Listen, we've been quietly helping marketers just like you make a fortune by promoting these "done for you services" with great success. Yes, it's a true winner and customers are sticking to this like flies to pancake syrup.

In a nutshell, you've got to dive-into-this and make this program a permanent part of your affiliate promotions. You need to integrate this into your back-end, into your content and permanently put this into your auto-responder sequences.

You know why?

Because this is exactly what all your customers and your lists and all your traffic in this market needs and wants, which means you make money ongoing for a long time to come! How powerful is that!?!

Let me put it this way:
Promote Now!
Promote Ongoing!
Earn, Earn, Earn!!
Look, imagine this… you promote this program and earn quick commissions (we pay fast)… then, you plug this offer into your auto-responder sequences permanently and earn ongoing for years to come (did I mention we pay fast?)

It does not matter what you sell or promote to your lists in this market, they'll all need these services to succeed, no matter what "system" or "formula" you teach them or sell them. They all need technical help… copywriting help… and everyone needs graphics, period!

My question to you is… why not earn on these "services" too? I mean, you are already teaching them and providing them with "how to make money"… might as well provide them with the services to get those "formulas" working.
These Are Services (Tools) Your
Customers Need To Succeed!!
 Let's say you sell your lists a hot new product on how to make money using the power of Facebook. That's a great offer and let's say you crush it! Tons of customers are flying in for you and people are jacked-up about this new program you launched.

Inside your back-end, there's an advertisement where you integrated this offer permanently into your members area. Most of your customers are going to want fan pages, graphics, copywriting and various different technical help.

You can tell them that you recommend this program (through your affiliate link) and presto! You just made yourself big bucks! I mean, imagine if you sold an ebook for just $7 but then referred all those people to these services. Many of those customers could end up earning you more money as an affiliate here!

All in all, this is a "must-promote" program!
Plus, We Pay You FAST!!
We don't mess around with your cash… we pay you fast! Our sticky rate is sky high and our customer satisfaction is off the charts! So, we're not worried about a thing. We'll pay you right away!

We will do whatever it takes to make you HUGELY happy with promoting this program. We want close relationships and long-term relationships and we are on a mission to set these up! We'd like to set up a long-term relationship with you!

Once you sign up as an affiliate, if you need anything or have any questions… or even requests like:
Interviews with Eric Louviere
  Webinars with Eric to your lists
  Custom landing pages
  Free teaser reports to give away free that has your affiliate link embedded in the report…
  Swipe Emails...Just "Copy & Paste" to send proven copy to your list that gets results! 
  All kinds of affiliate & promotional tools…
  Whatever you need!  Just ask!
Plus we pay you fast! (I already said that right?) 
Monthly Residual Commissions and Fast Payouts!!
You get paid residual income. As long as your referrals continue paying for these services, you continue getting paid. In fact, we have tons of people who have expressed to us that this program can earn them a full-time income from home alone!

The sticky rate (sticky means people stick and continue paying month after month for a long time) is off the charts. Personally, I have not seen this kind of "stick rate" in many years. Heck, we've had customers who have been with us for many years (the graphics service)… and we only see the sticky rate continuing to be sky high with the additional services we've added (copy and tech).

Bottom line is you get 25% of the monthly fee paid to you each month. You can earn a sizeable monthly income (passive income that is) by simply referring people to us. Imagine getting thousands of dollars in commissions paid out to you month after month, long after you promoted this program! You promote once, and perhaps get paid for years to come! How awesome is that!? Yes, you could generate a full time income just from promoting this program and we're here to help you every step of the way! Of course we want you to be successful.

This is why we urge you to integrate this offer into your backend and email sequences permanently! It's a great residual and passive income business for you and you have good JV partners here to work closely with you and help you succeed big time!

Are you in?? Or, are you in?
Can I Get You To Promote This Program?
It's High Quality And In Demand!
You can feel confident promoting this program because
It's already proven with tons of happy customers! 
(Heck we've been providing the graphic portion of this for 6+ years now!
You are in good hands; sign up now as an affiliate and let's do this! 
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